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The Horns Series Playbook - Next Play Hoops
The Horns Series Playbook - Next Play Hoops
The Horns Series Playbook - Next Play Hoops

The Horns Series Playbook



The Horns offense has become popular at just about every level of basketball. The Horns series is a basketball offense that begins with two perimeter players located in the corners, two high post players, and a primary ball-handler at the top of the key. An excellent benefit to the Horns series is that it opens up the low post, which can be very helpful for undersized teams. This offense also features great spacing, which can create potential driving lanes for the ball handler or opportunities to basket cut for easy layups.

Learn the Horns offense with this 237-page playbook. In it, you will find 84 different Horns plays that you can run that all start in the same alignment to keep the defense from knowing what is coming next. We also give you 23 more plays with our Horns Cross Back Series that all have a different entry point that initiates the horns offense that will also help to confuse the defense and keep them guessing. This Series of plays could also very easily be used as different entry actions or false motions that could flow into one of your continuity offenses. 

The Horns offense takes time to master, but with more than 45 different practice drills to choose from, we help you break down the offense from the ground up so that you can easily teach it to your players and team.

As a bonus, we also provide you with 29 different Pinch Post Action plays from different alignments along with practice drills to go with it.  

Pick up the Horns Playbook today, and you can learn all of the ins and outs, complete with everything that you could ever need to excel with the Horns offense.



  • 237 Pages
  • Instructional graphics
  • Printable PDF Playbook
  • Create your series of plays that fit your team’s strengths
  • Over 45 practice drills that help you teach the Horns Offense
  • 84 Horns plays to counter to what the defense may try to do
  • 23 Horns/Cross Back Plays/Series
  • 29 Different Pinch Post Action plays with practice drills