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The Flex Offense Playbook - Next Play Hoops
The Flex Offense Playbook - Next Play Hoops
The Flex Offense Playbook - Next Play Hoops

The Flex Offense Playbook



The Flex Continuity Offense is one of the most popular and most utilized offenses in basketball. This is an old school patterned continuity offense that features passing, screening, and cutting. Back in 2002, Gary Williams won a National Championship running this offense with the Maryland Terrapins. In this playbook, we break it all down and provide you with a complete system so that you can quickly implement this offense with your team.

Why use the Flex continuity offense? The Flex Offense allows coaches to put players in a position to take advantage of their strengths while masking a team's weakness. The Flex offense is easy to teach. This offense is positionless and easily adaptable to your personnel allowing a coach to decide where and how to attack against opponents.

You’ll learn how to seamlessly transition from your secondary break right into one of your Flex offense continuities. We will also show you how to get right into your Flex Offense from both your sideline and baseline out of bounds plays. Then you will receive 10 different entry plays that can help you to disguise your intentions through false motion.

In addition, you’ll see how to defend against teams that like to run the Flex offense. This offense can be very predictable and easy to defend against if you switch every screen. This is why in this playbook, we give you 2 different Flex continuity offenses that you can run along with 25 different counterplay options that you can also use to catch your opponent’s off guard. Furthermore, everything in this book is broken down using game-like drills and teaching concepts.

If you are a coach who runs the Flex Offense, this book will provide you with the tools to help your offense run it more proficiently. If you don't run the Flex Offense, this book will also help your defense learn how to defend against it. Either way, It’s a must-have in any coach's library!



  • 86 pages
  • 2 Flex continuity offenses
  • 10 entry play options
  • 25 Quick hitters to counter what the defense may try to do
  • 19 different breakdown and practice drills
  • Learn the flex continuity offense, how we transition directly into it from our secondary break, as well as how we like to get into our offense from our baseline and sideline out of bounds plays.