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The 5 Wide Continuity Offense Playbook - Next Play Hoops
The 5 Wide Continuity Offense Playbook - Next Play Hoops
The 5 Wide Continuity Offense Playbook - Next Play Hoops

The 5 Wide Continuity Offense Playbook



The 5-Wide Offense is more prevalent in today’s game more so than ever before. The 5-Wide motion offense is an excellent offense for basketball teams at all levels, but it’s especially great for youth basketball teams as it teaches players how to play basketball. This offense can also be an excellent option for those teams that are either undersized or that might have less than ideal talent. You can also use this offense to wear down the defense or as a delayed set to run time off the clock.

The 5-Wide Offense is a position less offense that relies on players spacing the floor to stretch the defense. The 5 Wide Offense utilizes the skills of all five players on the floor and emphasizes all of the fundamentals of passing, screening, and cutting to create various scoring opportunities. It is a concise, simple system that any coach can implement to improve their offense. This offense has basic rules that help players to make quick decisions based on reads that are predicated on how the defense is playing them.

In this book, you will receive 62 various game-like breakdown drills that will help you and your players to grasp the basic concepts of the offense quickly. With the help of the 5-Wide Offensive playbook, your team can have this offense mastered in no time.

You will learn the basic 5-Wide motion along with the basic rules of the continuity offense. In addition, there are also 20 different secondary break plays included to get your team to transition right into your offense from your secondary break seamlessly.

This offense is positionless and easily adaptable to your personnel allowing a coach to decide where and how to attack against opponents. To counter any defensive adjustments, you’ll also find 65 different counter plays that you can use from 6 different entry points that show you the adjustments a coach can make during a game to make the right call at the perfect moment. 

Learn how to play the modern position-less basketball of today with the 5-Wide Offense.



  • 242 Pages
  • 12 basic continuity motion actions 
  • 6 entry play options
  • 20 secondary break plays
  • 62 breakdown drills
  • 65 counters from 6 different entry points and actions

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