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PNR Playbook - Next Play Hoops
PNR Playbook - Next Play Hoops
PNR Playbook - Next Play Hoops

PNR Playbook



The pick and roll is the most utilized play in basketball at all levels of the game. A great PNR can create great penetration opportunities and put the defense in tough to defend situations. The PNR can also help to create some mismatch opportunities.

You will learn how to run PNR’s that have great spacing along with numerous plays with multiple options to counter the defense no matter how they decide to play you. Learn how to counter and neutralize the bottom low weak side tag defenders as well as take advantage of the 2 on 1 situations out of the PNR. 

In this playbook, we provide you with 2 different PNR continuity offenses that you can run full with adjustments. You will also receive 3 different PNR series that you can choose from that include drag screens, step up screens, side screens, Ram screens, Spain screens, and more. We give you a variety of PNR’s from multiple locations on the floor. 

In addition, we also provide you with 4 different specific actions that can help to get your wing players into some surprise PNR opportunities through various actions such as; loop actions, ram actions, ghost actions, etcetera.

Also, we couldn’t just give you all of the offense and not teach you or show you how we like to defend against the PNR. We give you numerous different PNR coverages as well as over 50 different drills you can use to teach your players and team how you want to defend the PNR from various positions on the floor.

Want to create advantages for your offense? Learn how to make one defender have to guard against two players, which just never works out well for the defense. It’s all in this beautiful playbook. Pick up the PNR playbook today and learn how to carve up opposing defenses!



  • 624 Pages
  • 2 PNR Continuity Offenses with multiple counters
  • 3 PNR Series
  • Pressure Release PNR Plays
  • Over 50 Drills teaching you how to defend against the PNR
  • 30 “Tag Man” drills
  • Learn how to create an advantage for the offense by making one defender have to guard against two players
  • RAM PNR’s
  • Double Drags
  • Wing PNR’s & decoy PNR’s