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DHO Action Playbook - Next Play Hoops
DHO Action Playbook - Next Play Hoops
DHO Action Playbook - Next Play Hoops
DHO Action Playbook - Next Play Hoops

DHO Action Playbook



Evolve with the game of basketball and get your hands on the DHOs playbook. The dribble handoff is taking over the modern-day game of basketball. If the game is slowly passing you by, get back on track by learning all there is to know about dribble handoffs. 

The dribble handoff offense features action in which the ball handler dribbles towards a teammate and makes a handoff pass to them. The dribble handoff action could be thought of as a legal moving screen because the ball handler that makes the handoff pass can block the pathway of the off-ball defender that is guarding the player receiving the pass. When that occurs, the player that receives the ball could get open for a jump shot or potentially attack on a dribble-drive to the basket as he is coming off the handoff with momentum. This makes DHO’s extremely hard to defend against for the defense.

However, the beauty of the DHOs playbook is that it also provides you with the knowledge in how to defend against the dribble handoff. As more teams at all levels of the game start to implement dribble handoffs into their playbooks, all coaches will need to adapt and be prepared to defend against them.

You will also receive over 100 different Chicago Action plays. Chicago Action has become a staple for every team at both the collegiate and NBA levels in recent years. We give you a multitude of different plays that you can run out of different alignments that all use Chicago action, and now you can have all of those plays all in one single library.

In this book, you will learn all the ins and outs of the DHO, how to read defenses and offenses and choose from over a hundred drills to make the dribble handoff a part of your offensive attack today.



  • 631 Pages
  • This book has everything that involves a dribble handoff (DHO’s)
  • Over 300 DHO Plays to choose from
  • We give you over 100 drills to help your players with their DHO reads. These drills will help your player’s decision making not only in the DHO game but the PNR game as well. We have several disadvantage drills to help improve both your offense and defense in making reads and in recovery on defense
  • Over 100 Chicago Action Plays