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Combo Pack #8 (Coaching Tools) - Next Play Hoops

Combo Pack #8 (Coaching Tools)



This is the ultimate coach's combo pack! One of the most critical areas of a coach is being organized. Whether it’s a practice or a game, you need to be prepared, and you must be organized. During a season, one of the most important things a coach can do is plan efficient practices and be prepared in-game management. In this pack, we provide you with all the coaching tools to lead you, your team, and your program to the next level. 

The situation cards are comprised of 110 pages that involve over 100 different scenarios. Situation cards, because of the variety of scenarios, will also help your players be more aware of these unique situations, and it will, in turn, help improve your player's basketball IQs. This is a staple of our program, and we use these in practices all season long.

The 2nd book you will receive is the 365 coaching and motivational quotes for every day of the year. You can use this to send to your players every day or split it up and use it just during the season for two full seasons. These quotes are a great way to start a practice with your team to give them a daily thought or something to think about for that practice as a daily theme.

With the Coaching Sheets, we give you everything that you need to be prepared for practices and games all in one place. Our Game Day sheets include the following.


  • Defensive Play Call Sheet
  • Offensive Play Call Sheet
  • Lineups Card
  • Player Play Calling Sheet
  • Scouting Card
  • Hustle Chart
  • Play Diagrams for Special Situations
  • Keep Track of Fouls & Timeouts Card
  • Game Notes Card


Lastly, we give you some pre-game drills that we like to use to get our players ready, not just physically but mentally as well.


Books Included:

  • Special Situation Cards
  • 365 Coaching Quotes
  • Pre-Game Warm-Up Drills
  • Coaching Tools (Sheets)


*** If you are looking for more information about the books within this combo pack, you can go check out and read the descriptions for each individual book for a further breakdown.