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Combo Pack #4 (Zone Pack) - Next Play Hoops
Combo Pack #4 (Zone Pack) - Next Play Hoops

Combo Pack #4 (Zone Pack)



This Ultimate Zone pack is the only zone reference you will need in your coaching library that covers offense, defense, and drills to teach your team how to dominate both zones on offense and defense.

Whether you need a zone offense to beat that one pesky team who likes to zone up all game long within your conference or if you need to run a zone defense to slow down a more athletic and talented team. This combo pack has you covered. You will also receive practice drills that will help you work on both your zone offense and zone defense.

Offensively, we give you over 100 zone offensive plays to use versus a 2-3, 3-2, and a 1-3-1, along with 18 plays that you can also run versus junk zone defenses. You will also receive 13 different unique baseline out of bounds plays that were specifically designed to beat teams who like to zone up against baseline out of bounds plays (BLOBS). These plays will help you score versus a zone defense in those under the basket BLOB plays. 

Defensively, all you need to run the most effective zone defense is found right here in this playbook. Turn your team into a defensive juggernaut by learning how to dictate tempo to your opponents and disguising your intentions by wreaking havoc on your opponents. Coach Vann shares all of his defensive secrets with you and also gives you the defensive terminology that he uses with his teams. 

This book teaches you how to use multiple different defenses, half-court traps, and even a few junk defenses to shut down your opponents and take away their best players. Force your opponents to move the basketball aimlessly and take low percentage shots by constantly switching defenses. This book teaches you how to disguise your traps to confuse the offense and keep your opponents from being comfortable.

The Drill book is also jam-packed with over 430 pages of drills that can help elevate both your zone offense and defense. This drill book will help you and your players to becoming a dominant zone offensive team by learning how to beat a zone through attacking gaps, pass fakes, shot fakes, and quick ball reversals.

Never again will your practice plan come up short. This combo pack will not only help you plan out your practices more efficiently, but it will also help you save time in preparing your practices. Never has it been so easy to pick out and find the right drill that you need precisely when you need it. Whether you are a coach who likes to zone up or a coach who needs to teach his team how to beat a zone, this combo pack is a must-have in your coaching collection, and it is guaranteed to take your team to the next level.


Books Included:

  • The Complete Zone Offensive Playbook
  • The Complete Zone Defensive Playbook
  • Zone Drills (Offense & Defense)


*** If you are looking for more information about the books within this combo pack, you can go check out and read the descriptions for each individual book for a further breakdown.