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BLOBS & SLOBS Playbook - Next Play Hoops
BLOBS & SLOBS Playbook - Next Play Hoops
BLOBS & SLOBS Playbook - Next Play Hoops

BLOBS & SLOBS Playbook



Don’t just simply throw the ball inbounds! Instead, look to attack and help your team score this season by exploring the BLOBS & SLOBS Playbook. This book is full of some of the best inbound plays compiled from all levels of basketball, covering over 20 plus years of coaching.

What is a BLOB & SLOB play? These are acronyms for Baseline & Sideline Out Of Bounds Plays. This is a critical part of the game that many coaches don’t focus on and get wrong. If you watch the NBA, you see how vital sideline plays are, especially in those late-game situations. The inbounds mini-game often can end up being the difference in either winning or losing a basketball game. This book offers a complete collection of both BLOB & SLOB plays that feature 135 different inbounds plays with over 170 pages that also include press breakers.

As a coach, you will face numerous special situations in any given basketball game. What will you do on your next baseline or sideline out of bounds play? What will you run if you are taking the ball out of bounds with only 2.7 seconds left on the clock? Do you simply want to inbounds the ball, or do you want to attack the defense? We give you BLOBS & SLOBS that not only attack the defense but also inbounds plays that seamlessly flow directly into your continuity offenses. You will also get plays that can be run versus both a zone or a man-to-man defense.

The BLOBs and SLOBs Playbook is your resource for taking these special unique situations in a basketball game and using them to your advantage. Steal points from your opponent, beat a full-court press, or convert a late-game opportunity on an out of bounds play, this book has it all. You’ll find a play for every conceivable situation, giving you and your team the ability to be prepared for any situation that arises in a game. 

Learn how to dominate these special situations and draw up some game winners with the BLOBS and SLOBS Playbook today!



  • 170 Pages
  • Over 135 Different BLOBS & SLOBS
  • Dominate your opponents and special situations
  • 15 Press Breakers and End Of The Game (EOG) plays
  • 2 Sideline fast breaks that we like to use on our opponent's free throw’s
  • Late game out of bounds plays to get the ball inbounds versus pressure