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The UCLA Series Playbook - Next Play Hoops
The UCLA Series Playbook - Next Play Hoops
The UCLA Series Playbook - Next Play Hoops

The UCLA Series Playbook



Dating itself back to the days of legendary coach John Wooden, the UCLA High 1-4 offense is still one of the most widely used and most productive offenses in the game of basketball today. The UCLA offense utilizes the skills of all five players on the floor and emphasizes all of the fundamentals of passing, screening, and cutting to create various scoring opportunities.

The high post action of the UCLA offense can be beneficial for teams that may be guard-oriented or undersized at the low post position as it brings the opponent’s big’s away from the hoop. In addition, the UCLA high 1-4 alignment can also prevent the defense from being able to establish a help-side defense that can open up the lane for penetration. Another advantage of running the high 1-4 set is that it is versatile as all the plays can be run to either side and provide excellent spacing. 

In this 215-page playbook, you’ll find pressure release plays within our Loop Action and Over/Under Action that can help you attack those overly aggressive defenses that deny the wings. You will also receive 12 different entry plays that you can use as false motions that can flow directly into any of your continuity offenses.

There are also several quick hitters that you can choose from with over 55 different counterplays to switch things up and keep the defense guessing. You will learn all the adjustments that a coach can make during a game to make the right call at the perfect moment.

We break the UCLA Offense down into both basic and advanced concepts making it super easy to teach. With over 100 pages of drills included, you and your team will be able to master the UCLA offense in no time. 

Learn the offense that won Legendary coach John Wooden 10 National Championships today!



  • 215 Pages
  • Over 55 Quick hitters to choose from to counter what the defense may try to do
  • 12 different UCLA entry plays
  • Learn the 1 – 4 High UCLA Offense 
  • Learn how to beat pressure with our pressure release plays that can help alleviate against those overly aggressive defensive teams
  • Over 100 pages of drills & teaching concepts that help breakdown the UCLA Offense
  • Create a series of plays that fit to your team's strengths