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The 3 Out 2 In Kansas Offense Playbook - Next Play Hoops
The 3 Out 2 In Kansas Offense Playbook - Next Play Hoops
The 3 Out 2 In Kansas Offense Playbook - Next Play Hoops

The 3 Out 2 In Kansas Offense Playbook



If you are a coach that has a dominant post player and needs to find some new ways to get them more touches in the post while also making it difficult for the defense to help and double team them, then this is your book! The 3 Out 2 In Kansas offense is a High/Low offense that provides great spacing, which makes it extremely difficult for the defense to defend against, but it’s not just for your post players. We also teach you the shot, dump, and reverse technique that will then also lead to some easy scoring opportunities for your perimeter players.

Learn to run the 3-Out 2-In motion offense like a well-oiled machine with the help of this 452-page playbook. This offense was a staple of Bill Self’s early Illinois and Kansas teams. The whole idea of the 3 Out 2 In motion offense is to get the ball inside and take advantage of those dominant post players while creating some easy scoring opportunities for them. If your best players are post players, then the 3-Out 2-In Motion Offense may be the answer to your offensive needs.

This offense is adaptable to your personnel and also includes counters that will help you take advantage of the strengths of your players and team. Begin with the basics of the 3-Out 2-In High/Low offense and then give defenses fits with choosing from 3 different continuity offenses that you can run out of it to confuse the defense. We then provide you with 19 different entry play options that have a variety of scoring opportunities before flowing back into one of our continuity offenses.

In addition, there are 18 different counter plays and several quick hitters that can also help you defeat anything a defense might throw at you. Learn all the adjustments a coach can make during a game to make the right call at the perfect moment.

Within this playbook, you’ll also receive over 400 pages of practice drills that will help you break the entire offense down with easy teaching concepts. You’ll also get a look at some basic drills and a few different ideas that can help you and your team defend against the High/Low offense.

This is a must-have book in any coach's library! Learn how to take advantage of your dominant post players and dominate your opponents in the post today!



  • 452 Pages
  • 3 continuity offenses
  • 19 different entry plays with multiple options before getting back into your continuity offense
  • 18 Quick hitters to counter what the defense may try to do
  • Over 400 pages of practice & breakdown drills to help breakdown your offense
  • Learn how to defend against the high/low offense

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