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Zone Drills - Next Play Hoops
Zone Drills - Next Play Hoops
Zone Drills - Next Play Hoops

Zone Drills



Are you looking for some new ways to work on your zone offense or zone defense? Does your team struggle with beating a press? Do you need your team to improve their full-court press and trapping defenses? If the answer is yes, then the Zone Drills Playbook has you covered on both ends of the floor. This book is jam-packed with over 430 pages of drills that can help elevate both your zone offense and defense.

Dominate zone defenses with an offense that easily picks apart the opposition. The way you get there is through repetition, putting your players in game-like situations in practice so that on game night attacking a zone or a press defense is merely second nature. This drill book will help you and your players to becoming a dominant zone offensive team by learning how to beat a zone through attacking gaps, pass fakes, shot fakes, and quick ball reversals.

Defensively, we give you several drills that will put your defense at a disadvantage with our 7 on 5 drills so that on game night, it feels like a walk in the park. We also have build up drills for whatever zone defense it is that you wish to run, and we break it all down to teach your players each zone defense and press from the ground up with our front line and backline drills. You will also receive some trapping drills to teach your team how to trap and surprise the offense within your zones. 

Never again will your practice plan come up short. This drill book will not only help you plan out your practices more efficiently, but it will also help you save time in preparing your practices. Never has it been so easy to pick out and find the right drill that you need precisely when you need it. Whether you are a coach who likes to zone up or a coach who needs to teach his team how to beat a zone, this drill book is a must-have in your coaching collection, and it is guaranteed to take your team to the next level.



  • 435 Pages
  • Zone drills are all broken down into 7 different specific categories. Offense, defense, Passing, Shooting, Combo Zone Drills, Press Defense and Press Offense Drills
  • Become a dominant zоnе оffеnѕе by lеаrning hоw tо beat a zоnе thrоugh аttасking gaps, раѕѕ fakes, shot fаkеѕ, аnd quick bаll rеvеrѕаlѕ
  • Teach your players how to beat a press defense
  • Zone shooting drills
  • Zone passing drills