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Combo Pack #5 (Transition Break Pack) - Next Play Hoops
Combo Pack #5 (Transition Break Pack) - Next Play Hoops

Combo Pack #5 (Transition Break Pack)



Are you a coach who likes to push the pace, get out in transition, and look to speed the game up? If so, then this is the combo pack for you. With these two resources, you have almost 1500 pages of everything transition offense. These books are loaded with both plays and drills not just for offense but defensively as well. This package includes everything that you could possibly need to run an effective secondary break that will keep your opponents on their toes.

You will be able to choose from 6 different secondary break offenses to keep the pressure on the defense. Your team will learn to push the ball in transition and take advantage of teams that don’t get back on defense. For those times when the primary break doesn’t produce a basket, your team can easily flow right into the Carolina Break, the Rocket 2-Sided Break, 5 Wide Break, etcetera. Each offense comes with several quick hitters that you can choose from that can counter anything a defense might throw at you. 

Whether you want to play fast or are preparing for a team that likes to play fast, you will find drills in this book that will get your team ready to win the transition battle. Playing fast is not about rushing to get shots up quickly; it is about speeding up your opponents and forcing them to play at an uncomfortable pace that they are not used to playing. For your team to become effective in both transition offense and defense, you must first practice intense and fast-paced drills daily, so that your players feel comfortable playing at this speed in games. 

There are over 400 different practice drills that will help you and your team improve in all aspects of the transition game. Learn not only to stop your opponents in defensive transition but also to learn how to take advantage offensively to score some quick and easy points. The drills are all broken down into 14 different categories for easy reference.

If you are a coach who likes to push the pace and play with tempo, this combo pack is a must-have within your coaching library!


Books Included:

  • Secondary Break & Transition Offense Playbook
  • Transition Drills


*** If you are looking for more information about the books within this combo pack, you can go check out and read the descriptions for each individual book for a further breakdown.